"Mess Night"  Benefit


Actor Roger Clarke salutes NYC Marine Corps Council President, Jeffrey S. Carusone.  Jeff’s tireless efforts made the evening possible.  Hoo-rah!

Suzanne Strassburger, a k a, "Suzy Sirloin"

Shannon and Jim Wilkinson, her father & former Marine
The Pipes and Drums led the processional into the Mess Night Dinner Chef Lucas Billheimer, Parlor Steakhouse and Executive Chef of the NY Athletic Club John J. Shirley Chef Billheimer, Nelaj Reshid NYAC Chief of Staff and Chef Shireley ran the Mess Night with military precision
Gail Parenteau of Parenteau Guidance PR and husband Matthew J. Brief of Brief, Carmen & Kleiman, LLP support the Marines Andy escorted one of the evenings  honorees, the lovely Andrea Strassburger, who has done so much for the Marines   Sisters Suzanne and Andrea Strassburger of Strassburger Meats were honored along with their family for the contributions they’ve made to the Marines.
  Real men do wear kilts Agostino von Hassell, Marine, Chef, Historian, Photographer conceived and oversaw the meal and the event design. www.agostinovonhassell.com.   Hoo-rah!

Tomoko Otsuka,  Tea specialist @ Ito En created tea cocktails inspired by the menu.

Jim Tighe of Manhattan Entertainment congratulates Suzanne Strassburger