11th Avignon/New York Film Festival


David & Layla

A Jay Jonroy Film

Nov 9th--13th 2005




Starring David Moscow and Shiva Rose McDermott based on a true story, full of spice, comedy & politics…via Iraq, Kurdistan & Israel! The Kaye Playhouse at Hunter College Showed this film Sat. night to good reviews David played by David Moscow is a TV reporter who falls in love with Layla (Shiva Rose) a sensual Middle Eastern dancer.  Right away his family and hers are dead set against them getting together a Jew and a Muslim would never do. The film goes on will David and Layla’s love conquer all or will centuries of Enmities, Hatred and Prejudices tear them apart. This is a film about understanding and cross-cultural love and how we can all live together Mr. Jonroy dedicated it to the memory of the war victim members in his own family. I enjoyed the film and I think you will too.

Shiva Rose named her new born baby "Layla" after her character. 

Review by Gloria Cianelli