Clinton Global Initiative 2006

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“This is the most beautiful, the most loving, the most extraordinary, the most spiritually evolved, the most generous, the most inspiring, the most wonderful event I have ever been to and witnessed in my entire life!!!” was Donna Karan’s answer to my question as to what brought her to the Clinton Global Initiative held here at The Sheraton Hotel through Friday. This comes from a well seasoned, accomplished and highly successful and talented business woman, a doting grandmother who has been around the block a few years. I was thinking that not even her daughter’s wedding nor her grandchild’s arrival lived up to this Clinton magic, well maybe not garnered such esteem. I mean, having attended this 3 day seminar among illustrious panel members as Jimmy Carter, Al Gore, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Queen Rania and King Abdullah of Jordan, First Lady Laura Bush, Madeline Albright, John Chambers, Jesse Jackson, Rupert Murdoch, Muhammed Yunus of Bangladesh, and others may well have been the zenith of her religious experience.

Ted Turner who attended last year’s Clinton Global Summit told me that this year he is helping his friend open Ted’s first New York restaurant steps from Rockefeller Center. Says he has 42 restaurants throughout the country. A beautiful statuesque Daryl Hannah who was also there: “I am doing a Veronica Lake number on my hair because I am hiding my eye. I was just filming in the desert and got sand in it.”

Clinton: “This Initiative would not have happened if it weren’t for our benefactor and underwriter. “ .
Seen at the Clinton Global Initiative: An animated John Glenn perhaps giving a few pointers to Richard Branson who is planning to man the first commercial flight into outer space, not before Branson having donated 3 billion dollars to the cause of global warming through our finding and using ecologically sound resources of fuel.

Also seen was Vikram Chatwal who told me he is happy with the results pouring in from his Dream hotel and his partnership with spiritual guru Deepak Chopra. .

A noticeably pregnant Diana Krall with husband Elvis Costello performed her jazz impressions to a standing ovation after Bill Clinton announced that she was not only a great person and friend but one of his very favorite musicians, while his good friend Barbara Streisand was in the audience with her son. Clinton remarked that it suddenly felt very strange when he was no longer President not to hear music every time he entered a room. A trombone player himself, he noted that while he was President there was almost no musician in the world who would not perform for him when asked. When I told Bill Clinton that he turned 60 on my 73rd birthday, he took my hand warmly and looked me straight in the eyes, then said: “Bless your heart. It looks good on you.”

Photos and Report by Bettina Cirone
September 21, 2006