Vassarette Ultralights   

Vassarrette comes to the aid of brides and prom queens with their invisible strapped bras and breaks the mold for all women with a collection called “body curves Ultralights” due in stores before the Fall 2005.  This is a seamless collection of bras so lightweight that the models felt like they were wearing nothing at all.  This collection of light pastel colors, seen here in windmill blue and  butter cookie yellow, offers one of the most comfy under wire silhouettes.  What’s more, women can buy a 7-day Body Curves Ultralights wardrobe for what they may pay for a single “designer” brand.

Thin flexible padding and under wire is added for enhanced cleavage and weightless support.  The bras run only about $10 each.

Not shown here is Vassarette’s $10.50 new Racer Back Easy Fit Bra in black or in white.  It is made of high performance fabric of 80% nylon, 20% spandex and lined with CoolMax fabhric to pull moisture away from the body.  Its back ease support strip cushions the spine while performing yoga, stretching and weight lifting. 


Photos by Bettina Cirone

May 26,2005