NYC     Marine Corps Council

2008 New York City Mess Night and Wounded Warrior Tribute

Monday, June 30 2008

The New York City Marine Corps Council held their first every 2008 New York City “Mess Night” & Wounded Warrior Tribute at the New York City Athletic Club on June 30th.  Over 300 military and civilian supporters gathered to participate in the venerable Marine Corps tradition dating from the 1500's that few civilians experience. The “Mess Night” includes toasts, speeches and challenges.  But one of the most interesting aspects of the formal dinner is an officer of “Vice” who fines the guests for infractions such as chewing with your mouth full, clinking on your glass to get attention, bringing unauthorized food and drink (don’t bring your beer from the cocktail reception into the mess), chewing gum, texting or unscheduled rest room breaks. Failures to comply addend dollars to the beneficiary of the evening, the Bob Woodruff Family Foundation a fund that assists service members injured while serving in the United States Armed Forces. Special emphasis is placed on the "hidden signature injuries" of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan – traumatic brain injury (TBI) and combat stress injuries including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). For full information visit 

The event’s guests of honor were JOE LISI President of the Mess - Marine, Actor, NYC Native and Retired NYPD Precinct Captain (you also know him from Third Watch and Law & Order); LIEUTENANT GENERAL RONALD S. COLEMAN, USMC Senior Military Guest of Honor - Deputy Commandant for Manpower and Reserve Affairs and BOB WOODRUFF Civilian Guest of Honor - ABC News, Anchor; Co-Author New York Times best-seller In An Instant; Bob Woodruff Family Foundation. 

Also attending was Ray Kelly, Police Commissioner City of New York, Greg Kelly of Fox News, Renee Bardor, Bob Woodruff Family Foundation, Susan Strassburger, President, Strassburger Meats who donated the steaks for the dinnerwaiting orders for his next deployment.

Other notables included Captain Stefan Barr, Chef John Besh (of Food Network Iron Chef renown), along with author -Historian and military food expert Agostino von Hassell.


Renee  Bob Woodruff Family Foundation and Bob Woodruff at the first annual NYC Marine Corps Council Mess Night dinner benefiting the Bob Woodruff Family Foundation

Commissioner Kelly


Senior Military Guest of Honor - Deputy Commandant for Manpower and Reserve Affairs; Bob Woodruff, Civilian Honoree; Kimberly McDonough Veteran, Corporal of Marines; American Defense Systems, Inc.; Art Gorman, Mr. Vice


Avon Hassll and

Stefan Barr

Photo credit: Leslie Jean-Bart