Robert Redford at the Museum of Modern Art documentary film screening of Laura Dunn’s
Directorial debut The Unforseen of what Redford described as a microcosm of our earth’s environment in a suburban town of Austin, Texas surrounded by disappearing farmland threatened by a proposed development of 4,000 acres that surrounds Barton Creek where Robert Redford learned to swim at the age of six and remembered being impressed by the fish swimming in the water around him.

The Unforseen, produced by Terence Malick and Robert Redford was shown at the Planet in Focus International Film and Video Festival with a focus on the environment.

On introducing the film Redford said:

“What is different about this film is that Dunn presents both sides of this issue fairly, and it leaves the audience to think things through for themselves which side they want to be on. I am very proud to present this film by Laura Dunn. It was both thrilling and chilling. It had such an impact on me . She is a new documentary filmmaker, just out of grad school.”

“Laura Dunn shows the slow growing clash about what it is we are going to be developing in our society and what we are going to allow to deplete our natural resources and heritage which are shrinking. This is about local people in Texas against the power of big business and developers.”

The film shows the unwinding of illusions to this vibrant economic hub of the arts where hippies and cowboys get along like no where else on earth.

          Photos of Laura Dunn and producer Robert Redfor, with colleagues involved with the creating and showing of The Unforseen.

Please Credit photo and caption by Bettina Cirone








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