Tim Russert received the 2005 Fred Friendly award on May 23, 2005

Bettina Cirone

Today, Tim Russert received the 2005 Fred Friendly award at the Metropolitan Club in company of Walter Cronkite, Dan Abrams, Chuck Scarborough, Jody Applegate, etc. where he talked mostly about his sanitization-truck-driver father who was the subject of his book Big Russ and Me as the symbol of "the quiet eloquence of hard work".  He closed in talking about his work that::

"Sunlight is the best disinfectant.  Shine that light on everything".

I asked Ruth Friendly (Fred's widow) about a big pin she was wearing.  She told me it was a birthday gift from her husband and that she always wears it as a memento when she is at any event honoring Independence.  When introducing Tim Russert, she slipped on the word "nucular" and immediately corrected herself with "nuclear" than added:  "God!  I sound like The President."

Tim Russert & Mario Cuomo

Tim Russert & John Lahey


Ruth Friendly & Tim Russert

Photos by Bettina Cirone