by Bettina Cirone


At a discussion about their film The Thing About My Folks Paul Reiser who wrote the comedy semi autobiographically and Peter Falk who plays his Dad in the film took audience questions after a screening at 68 Street & Broadway. One member of the audience wondered if Peter Falk's farting was real or were they sound effects had a foreign accent, and Paul kept asking her to repeat the question because she was pronouncing it fahdeeng, and he thought she was saying "something deep" and a German word he had never heard of. Peter Falk said that it was the easiest way in which he was ever cast for a movie role because the character he played (Paul's actual father, now deceased )  said that he wanted Falk to play him. Reiser said that he had approached every production company in the world who had turned the film down, even companies like Chinese laundries who had never produce any films turned it down.  After it was made and he looked for a distributor, every one of themsaid it was funny, heart warming, delightful and charming and a great movie but they would not take it on because it was about old people and did not see that it had a chance.  So, Reiser of course wants to prove them wrong. He certainly did to me.  It was a very funny, enriching, real experience, so unlike the boring and predictable formula movies.  More like a terrific indie film and Peter Falk should get an Oscar for this one, and Paul for having written it, and he wasn't bad at acting in it either.

Paul teased Falk about his computer literacy being non existent.  When he asked Peter Falk to tell everyone how to contact them online Peter proved Reiser's point:  "just log onto www." When asked about working with Cassavetes, Peter admitted he never understood anything that Cassavetes ever told him and in retrospect believes that Cassavetes did that deliberately because he wanted his actors to be fresh in their roles.  "He was a very smart man."