Barak Obama

December 4th 2006 at the Mandar


Senator from Illinois, Barack Obama was the keynote speaker at K.I.D.S., am annual event organized by the fashion industry to help clothe and house children of disasters which took place December 4th at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel at Columbus Circle. Entertainer Carly Rose Sonenclar of The Nanny Diaries and Les Miserables was one of the few who got Obama to autograph her program. He talked of hunger and was baffled when a government report showed there was Zero Hunger in the United States until he realized there is a new name for hunger. “Hunger is now called: Food Insecurity. We have home insecurity and education insecurity too.”

After his speech, Obama was led to a crowded press room where the house lights went out as soon as he reached the podium. It appeared to give the boyish looking Senator and his security officers a scare in light of the fact he had just spoken of Bobby Kennedy a few minutes earlier.

Photo and caption credit: Bettina Cirone


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