Bettina Cirone

In Easthampton at a Planned Parenthood auction fundraiser cocktail do, Isaac Mizrahi played auctioneer of portraits by contemporary artists as Gilles Bensimon, Chuck Close, Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, Jim Hodges, Eric Fischl among them. 

Seen having oysters and clams at the event were Nicole Miller with Ralph Gibson, Christie Brinkley and Peter Cooke, Betsey Johnson with John Dike, Peter Boyle with wife Loraine (with one r) and daughter, Amy.

 I got to share a ride on the golf cart to the home on stilts of Edwina Von Gal with Barbaralee Diamonstein-Spielvogel and her husband, Carl.  Barbaralee chairs New York’s Landmarks Preservation and is responsible for all those plaques on historic homes of Warhol, Steinbeck, Marian Anderson, James Baldwin, Cecil b Demille, Jack Kerouac, Laguardia, Horowitz to name  a few.  She has also authored her nineteenth book, afive pound tome titled The Landmarks of New York.

 Ruth Vered had a gallery opening party in Easthampton that included oversized image of Marilyn Monroe by Bert Stern $25,000 and a portrait of Montgomery Cliff on the beach by Richard Avedon with a price tag of $38,000.00.

 In Southampton, a lovely 40th anniversary house party took place at the home of the honored.  Their 39 year old portrait together shows them younger but no less beautiful today, of Edie Windsor and Thea Spyer,(who has ms, and is now confined to a wheelchair). Also seen at the party was one of the founders of EEGO (East End Gay Organization), CFDA’s President and recent awardee, Stan Herman.

Photos by Bettina Cirone