Hollywood Meets Broadway

February 19, 2007

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        Victor Cafe' on west 52nd, hosted a party last night February 19, 2007 for "Hollywood meets Broadway".   celebrating the 2006 Tony Award Winner (Best Featured Actor) and 2007 Grammy Winner (Best Musical Show Album) CHRISTIAN HOFF, who portrays Tommy De Vito in the hit Broadway musical "Jersey Boys," along with Academy Award nominee Producer EDWARD S. FELDMAN, some of whose works include "The Widow maker," "The Truman Show," "101 Dalmatians ", "Honey, I Blew Up The Kid," "Forever Young,' "Green Card,"Witness," etc.


This Audio Book Celebration of Mr. Fellowman's acclaimed Hollywood Memoir "Tell Me How You Love The Picture" in which Christian as set a world record (241) for "Most Character Voices." Known as "The Man of Many Voices," Christian brilliantly impersonates some of the famous actors with whom Mr. Feldman has worked including Betty Davit, John Wane, Marline Morn, Joan Crawford, Harrison Ford, Jim Carrey, Jack Lemmon, to name just a few.

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