An Evening of Intimate Magic with Eric DeCamps

Limited Engagement at The Lincoln Room , Rockefeller Center

May 2, 2007


        With the popularity of films like The Illusionist starring Edward Norton, Jessica Biel and The Prestige starring Hugh Jackman and Scarlett Johansson, there is a renewed fascination in classic magic. In fact, award winning magician Eric DeCamps who calls magic the “second oldest profession” has managed to make nearly all of the seats for his 8 week run at the Lincoln Room near Rockefeller Center disappear!

Vladimir Klichko (The Boxing Heavyweight Champion of the World),supermodel Roshumba, Alan “Ace” Greenberg, Katarina Witt, William Kalush co-writer of, the Secret Life of Houdini - The Making of America's First Super Hero, designer Michael Houghton and Pulitzer Prize winner, Ken Silverman, who the 1997 biography on Houdini  have all reserved to see for Eric DeCamps’ “Evening of Intimate Magic.”

An award winning magician and world-renowned sleight of hand artist, Eric DeCamps, returns to the New York performance scene with a new show titled, An Evening of Intimate Magic with Eric DeCamps. In his hands ordinary objects become extraordinary. His intimate style of  illusion makes audiences an integral part of the performance.

Mr. DeCamps has been performing for more than 30 years and has been voted Magician of the Year by The Society of American Magicians. He is the second person in the 105 year history of the organization to receive the prestigious Gold Medal of Excellence for Close Up Magic.

An evening with Mr. DeCamps is both charming and witty. It will not only provoke your sense for wonder and mystery, it will give you a new appreciation for this classic art form. See this show before it disappears

Eric DeCamps is the personification of a magician. He is debonair and engaging, enchanting and mystifying. 

His performances are filled with compelling stories and visual artistry. Mr. DeCamps has developed a style of intimate conjuring that permits his audience to become part of the performance. Familiar objects like a champagne glass, a few silver dollars, a piece of tissue paper, a silk cord and deck playing cards are a few of the objects that share the stage with him. And, at every turn, he performs the seemingly impossible. 

Mr. DeCamps has been a serious student of the art of magic for over 30 years. He served his apprenticeship at New York's Magic Towne House. Later he performed regularly at the celebrated Greenwich Village nightclub, Mostly Magic, for more than 12 years. In recent years, he has performed throughout the United States, Europe, Japan, and South America at exclusive society events. Fortune 500 companies like Time Warner, Merrill Lynch, General Motors, Bear Sterns, American Express and many others have engaged Mr. DeCamps to entertain their most valued clients.

The Society of American Magicians awarded Mr. DeCamps the Gold Medal of Excellence for Close Up Magic. He is only the second magician to receive this prestigious award in the 105 year history of the organization.

Steve Cuiffo (director), author of the critically acclaimed, The Amazing Russello and a consultant on David Blaine's network television specials is also an accomplished actor, comedian, magician and theatrical director.  He is one of the founding directors of The Conjuring Arts Research Center. The center is dedicated to the preservation and interpretation of magic and its allied arts. It is the principle research resource on the art of magic for performers, historians, writers, collectors and producers of television and film projects.