The Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson at American Cancer Society

February 6, 2007

Christina Foley, Sarah Ferguson and Gabriella Greig

Sarah Ferguson & Liz Robinson


Sarah Ferguson


Sarah Ferguson was honored today by the American Cancer Society as Mother of the Year at the St Regis Hotel.  Prince Dimitri of Yugoslavia who presented her with the award had also given her the necklace she was wearing about which she said:  If you like it, you can all go out and buy one just like it.”  Prince Dimitri read aloud a letter from her husband Prince Andrew which shocked her because it was so uncharacteristic of Andrew to write any letters in which he said: 

“I am delighted to be the beneficiary of the way she has brought up our two daughters.  She never allowed intervention to get in the way of doing her best for our daughters. As a Mother there is none better.  Congratulations!”  She did know of the videotape her daughters made, but was not aware of what thy said until it ran for everyone at the luncheon. 

One of her daughters, the one that most resembles Prince Andrew gushed with enthusiasm:  “Keep going and keep focused.  I love you Mom and I send you the best.  I can’t wait to see you next week”:  

“I only wish my sons were younger and available for these two wonderful girls” said Chair, Diana K. Feldman of the American Cancer Society.   She also announced that Hope Lodge which will open this Fall on West 32nd Street for cancer patients and their families during outpatient treatments “so they will never have to sleep in their cars again”.  She calls Hope Lodge the Ronald McDonald House for the over 18 set.  Gwynneth Paltrow and Petra Nemkova will be hosting a benefit for Hope Lodge next week. 

About her daughters, Sarah said:  “It is the only thing I can safely say I have done really well at.  I think that is because I am still a teenager.  And I am just their kind.  I show them by my mistakes and I have made many of which the media will gladly remind them.  Every British tabloid has documented my mistakes.”  My daughters are ambassadors for the heart.  The cypress and the oak cannot lean on each other.  The girls should know that they are my little tripod. 

“There are the three C’s we try to live by:  Communication!  I don’t understand the word ‘fine!’  I’m fine!  Fine means frustrated, insecure and emotional.  The other two words are Compromise and Compassion.” 

Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, also congratulated the American Cancer Society for getting the word out that obesity is a death sentence and is linked to 12 different kinds of cancer. 

Reported and photographed by Bettina Cirone