March 16 the. 2005 the Copa rocked with co owner Peter Dorn vice chairing this great event. this was a memorable evening, the crowd was fabulous and so generous. Peter Dorn announced that he is suffering room Parkinson's and he mentioned that he had a difficult time getting dressed to host this Event. One Million Americans have been stricken with this neurological disease, and since the PDF was founded in 1957 thus far 50Million Dollars was raised to support Scientific Research looking for the Cure.  The Copa had Gambling Tables that enabled one to win raffles to win prizes. Then there was a silent auction followed by a live auction. The guests were happy to spend the money for this great cause. The music was good and the dancing was also good and so the lively guests were  having a terrific time . The World Famous Copacabana did a marvelous job Hosting the second Annual Benefit.

Marilyn Barnell

    Peter Dorn  Co-owner of the Copacabana

   Copacbana Girl

Auctioning of the Madonna Bra, went for $5,000



A Performance At The World Famous Copacabana!!

video and photos by Gloria Cianelli