Oprah at the Matrix luncheon - April 11, 2005

At the Matrix Awards luncheon April 11, 2005 at the Waldorf Astoria, Linda Fairstein who received her award from her friend and presenter, Hilary Clinton, said:

“When I told my father I wanted to be a writer, he told me:  “Get a job.  You have nothing to write about now.  After 30 years of working on behalf of sexually abused women, I found plenty to write about.”  After having run the Sex crimes unit at the Manhattan DA’s office for twenty years, Fairstein’s 9th and most recent book is called  Entombed.  She is published in 14 languages.  When she began working in the Manhattan District Attorney’s office she was found weeping.  One of her colleagues asked her “Did somebody die?”  He then advised her to behave like a man and do what “the rest of us do.  Go to the toilet and throw up.”  She said she never followed his advice but she never let herself be caught crying again, either.  Fairstein continues to help women navigate the legal system and advises them on additional support systems to get them through difficult times. Her website is lindafairsten.com.


Oprah Winfrey presented her magazine editor of “O” Amy Gross, a Matrix award saying that she agreed with every word of Amy’s wisdom and knowledge about publishing and that Amy was always right except in the instance of not caring much about dogs.


 “My dogs are people with fur and they go wherever I go” Oprah sniffed “They are right now back in my hotel room drinking their Fiji water.”


CNN International Correspondent Christiane Amanpour was presented with her Matrix Award by Tina Brown.   



Betsey Johnson receiving Lifetime Achievement award from National Women in Business

NAWBO:   Betsey says business is so hard for her that she never imagined she would ever receive an award for business achievement.    She credits her business manager for getting her through the business maze.     She also tells everyone that the presenter of her award , daughter Lulu, is getting married in May.     Betsey  hopes  to have a grandchild  that she can spoil for the next twenty years.





ATW Award Dinner @ Cipriani  April  11,2005




At the Altman Building where an American Theater Seminar took place was a panel of actors that included Natasha Richardson and Jessica Lange who are both currently starring in Tennessee Williams plays



                         Reported and photographed by Bettina Cirone