Bettina Cirone

Drumstruck at the Dodgers Stages Theatre in the Worldwide Plaza complex on West 50th Street is the world’s first interactive drum-theatre experience.  Performances began here on May 12th after sold out engagements in Johannesburg, South Africa where it was enjoyed by Nelson Mandela, and Sidney, Australia where Queen Elizabeth saw it.

 The enthusiastic and talented performers are not only thrilling to see and hear, but fun to participate with on the bongo drums at each audience seat.  Audience participation even before the production begins sounds fabulous, as unbelievable as that would seem.  But the real treat begins the moment the high energy troupe appears on stage. Everyone in the audience now gets to beat their own drum in unison with specific instructions from a funny and loudly clad South African version of a mime artist/drummer.

 Drumstruck’s conceiver, Warren Lieberman started the phenomenon in 1997 by inviting strangers into his Drum Café in Johannesberg to join him in beating drums.  Soon after, he couldn’t contain the crowds.  In came director, David Warren who was so dumbstruck with it, he, thankfully, brought it here to New York where all of us can enjoy this blood pressure reducing therapy.

Photos and Video by Bettina Cirone