William Jefferson Cliton  April 19th 2005

Shortly after his second heart surgery within months of each other former President William Jefferson Clinton had a busy night 4/19/05 hopping from event to event  at which he was the honored guest. First at the Do Something Brick Awards at the Bowery's Capitale and then at the Evening of French Wine, which took place at the Waldorf, where he received the coveted French Louis Pasteur award for his work in Aids awareness. He told the group that he and President Jacques Chirac were very close friends and they had all posed for a photo together with Chirac holding a "Hilary for Senate" button. 

Clinton, looking more trim than ever, summarized his prospective thoughts about plans for his future career after the United States Presidency: 

He said that he could not consider a career in music because he didn't play his favorite instrument well enough. He could not consider a career in golf for the same reason: "I' m not that good" he said candidly. He had been told however when he visited Ireland that he could run for President of Ireland simply if he bought a house there and he didn't even have to live in it. He was also told when he and Hilary were in France that he is eligible to run for President of France because "Arkansas, where I was born, was once part of the Louisiana purchase. The French constitution gave me a chance for a second career. But considering it was hard enough to get elected for President of the United States with my Southern Accent, I figured I could never make the grade as President of France. But I was highly honored."



    Reported and photographed by Bettina Cirone